What is the length of the sound?

Audio lengths can be 30 seconds, 40 seconds, or even 120 seconds. Most often we program 30 seconds – this is the most optimal sound length for marketing applications.

How long do the Soundeez™ work?

The batteries used in the cards provide approximately 200 full plays or a 2 year shelf life.

What is the sound quality?

The sound quality is at mp3 level. This ensures a very good listening experience and effortless speech recognition. A lot depends on the quality of the sound you deliver to us. We consult every detail before starting the production.

What is the size of Soundee™?

When it comes to size, we only define the minimum – so that the module fits in the sheet. We start with A5 size (after folding). Apart from that, you can freely use larger sizes of Soundeez™ for the desired effect.

What is the print quality?

We print in the highest quality. We have certain requirements regarding the standard of Soundeez™, which are directly reflected in the image of your campaign. We will discuss the details with you.

Can I order one piece of Soundee™?

At this time we only offer orders of 100 pieces for companies. Contact us to discuss the details: ko*****@pl********.pl


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