Soundeez™ - printed customized audio cards!

Unique marketing idea – printed mp3 audio cards! We create innovative wedding invitations, Christmas cards, music cards or collector cards and many more.


Greeting card in a new version!

Soundeez™ is a printed sound card that works like the once popular music box cards. In the twenty-first century we raise the bar – our cards play the highest quality MP3 sound when opened. What’s more, it is you who decide what sound will be programmed.

Paraphrasing Henrik Ibsen, we believe that a thousand words will not leave as deep an impression as one moving picture. We have prepared a short video presentation of Soundeez™.

How can you use Soundeez™?

Graphic design, printing method and enhancements, as well as sound, can be freely personalized, making our printable audio cards used in virtually all industries. Thanks to our technology you can create i.a:

Soundeez™ produced our printable audio cards for:​

We fulfill orders as low as 100 pieces!

Soundeez™ as a marketing product

As humans, we like eye-catching images. In turn, sound and music alone have a huge impact on human behavior. We decided that we wanted to combine all of this in our modern mp3 audio cards product because image and sound create a unique synergy effect. Our products are fresh, easy to remember, arouse curiosity and most importantly – give feedback.

We are not limited by any project so we are able to perfectly adapt to your advertising campaign. We know from experience that your recipients will be surprised by our product. Soundeez™ is a tool that brings audio marketing to another level.

How we create Soundeez™?

1. Sound

Together we choose and prepare the sound.

2. Graphic design

We discuss and create with you the artwork.

3. Print

We select the printing finishes.​

4. Shipping

After the production stage, audio cards are ready to go!

Product features


Depending on your needs, audio cards can play for 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or even 100 seconds. As long as you need it!

Soundeez™ lasts for several years or several hundred full plays of a programmed sound, thanks to its powerful batteries. We make really durable playing audio cards.

We use only high quality speakers to ensure the best sound quality.

Production support

We provide full support in the production process of audio cards. We are with you from the moment of concept creation and discussion until the realization in the form of a ready product which is an audio-playing printed card. Many years of experience allows us to approach each project individually, which makes us flexible and not afraid of challenges.

Graphic design

We have a graphic studio and a team of experienced graphic designers who will create a project according to your guidelines.

Sound recording

Do you have your own idea for the sound? Great! If it’s just an idea – rely on us. We will bring it to life in a professional recording studio.


We are able to carry out the project in every printing technique and finishing method currently available on the market. We cooperate with the best in the business!

Let's create a memorable and innovative marketing product together. We have a wealth of experience and are happy to help with our Soundeez™!


We realize orders only for companies. The minimum print run is 100 pieces. If you have any questions about our audio cards, please contact us:

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